Corporate Profile

Al-Tawoos (Peacock) Kingdom General Transportation, Trading, Marine Services & Commercial Agencies Co. Ltd is an Iraqi, family-owned company with a solid reputation as one of Iraq’s largest logistics companies. As a member of Al Aftan group companies.


As an Iraqi company we provide a level of knowledge, expertise and relationships that exceed simple contracts and guarantee our clients dedication that reflected on our family name. Al-Tawoos connects our resources with all available vehicles and equipment in Iraq: resulting in lower overhead costs and ease of logistical processing.


Al-Tawoos plan is based on our extensive experience and our financial soundness that will ensure the success of this endeavor. We are confident that our approach in managing and operating this plan will ensure safe and efficient operation in every step of the way.


Al-Tawoos Company brings many years of experience as well as a deep commitment to the cause of rebuilding Iraq. Our team of professionals is ready and prepared to engage in and be part of the drive to make Iraq a better country.


Our vision

Our strategy aims to further expand our Operational leadership and leading market position for dynamic growth, our logistics development potential continues to be substantial. We offer our customers our knowledge and our experience – for a future worth relationship.

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